About Coseva Advanced TRS

What is zeolite?

Zeolite is a mineral that occurs naturally in volcanic rock. It has proven unique properties that ensure that zeolite is highly effective at binding to positively charged toxins such as mercury, aluminium, lead and other heavy metals. In addition, zeolite also binds to other common toxins including: radioactive particles, plastic residues such as BPAs and pesticides including glyphosate and fungi, amongst many other things. A lot of research has been done into the effect of zeolite. Zeolite has the Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status of the FDA in America.

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What is Advanced TRS?

Coseva’s Advanced TRS is a clean, lab-grown, nano-sized zeolite (clinoptilolite) that has been bound to a water molecule to allow it to go anywhere in the body that water can.

Why choose Advanced TRS nano-Zeolite?

Advanced TRS is a unique zeolite product that has many advantages over other zeolite products on the market. Advanced TRS is produced in a patented manner at nano size. This means that 1 bottle of Advanced TRS equals nearly 9 kilos of zeolite powder from product X *. In addition, unlike zeolite powder, Advanced TRS is so small that it exists inside a cluster of water. Thanks to this colloidal structure, Advanced TRS, unlike zeolite powder, can get anywhere in the body where water comes. It effortlessly detoxes beyond the blood-brain barrier, a crucial place in the body where toxins accumulate.

Nanotechnology = Effectiveness

Nano means that the particles are very small. For Advanced TRS, the average particle size is only 0.9 nanometers. By making the particles smaller, more of the cages are exposed to trap toxins. Coseva uses standard particle measuring equipment every production run to ensure the purity, size and saturation of the manufactured zeolite in water.

By forming a true colloidal suspension where the zeolite is held inside a water cluster, the zeolite is able to cross the blood brain barrier. Without this colloidal suspension the zeolite would not cross that barrier. By nano-sizing the zeolite, Coseva is able to place more zeolite into more clusters of water making this solution very effective in all parts of the body.

Advanced TRS is a proprietary manufactured clinoptilolite formula. Your body has never experienced the ability to extract heavy metals, toxins and other contaminants like this before.

How does Advanced TRS zeolite work?

It takes the body an enormous amount of work to neutralize and remove toxins from the body. In most cases the body is hardly able to do this. Mercury and lead, for example, are almost impossible for your body to remove on its own. The more a body becomes contaminated with toxins, the less it will be able to remove them.

Zeolite (clinoptilolite zeolite), the active ingredient in Advanced TRS, gives the body the ability to remove harmful toxins. Heavy metals, radioactive substances and other toxins are attracted like a magnet to the cage structure of zeolite molecules. Zeolite has a strong negative ionic charge. Toxins such as heavy metals always contain a positive ionic charge. In this process, the toxin is trapped in the cage structure of the zeolite molecule. Through this process the toxin is neutralized and the body is able to escort the encapsulated toxins out through the kidneys and urine without any problems. TRS is completely out of the body after about 6 to 8 hours.

Because TRS uses nanotechnology and is encapsulated in water (colloidal), it can reach any place in the body where water can. Advanced TRS only binds to harmful toxins and does not remove important minerals and substances that the body needs. The body converts substances that it needs directly into salts. These salts have a neutral ionic charge and are not attracted by zeolite.

Who made it?

Dr. Tracy Holdford. Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional.

How long has it been around?

TRS Clear has been around for roughly 5 years, while Advanced TRS has been around since roughly 2015. The TRS Clear is an older formula, and the Advanced TRS is the product made to replace TRS Clear.

Usage Rate

The standard usage rate is 1 spray per 30 pounds of weight. You may always do more or less – because each person is different. Your average adult using the recommended 5 sprays per day, will have a bottle last them approximately per month (there are roughly 150 sprays in a single bottle).

Usage Instructions

  • It is advised to detox for at least 3-6 months on a full dose. Results vary a lot from within the first week to around 3 months.
  • One bottle has around 150 sprays and on average lasts 4-8 weeks.
  • Building up slowly is essential. In general start with one spray per day for the first week. In week 2 build up to twice a spray daily if it is tolerated well. From there your can slowly build up to 5 spray per day divided into mornings/evenings
  • Temporary detox symptoms can occur. Lower your dose and find a comfortable balance in case they make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Kids and adults that prefer, can start on a lower dose by using a dropper. Four drops equals one spray.
One serving will not do a complete detox. Over time, consistently taking this product will remove toxins safely, gently and without the typical effects of harsh medical chelation agents.

Can a few drops really do that much?

Advanced TRS binds to a whole range of toxins, and has a special affinity for those that are positively charged (heavy metals, Xenoestrogens, weedkillers and pesticides, radioactive material, histamines, etc).Every bottle contains over 350 olympic sized swimming pools worth of surface area to help neutralize toxins. That’s over 2 swimming pools of surface area in every spray to help you detox safely.

How exactly does Advanced TRS work?

Advanced TRS is a zeolite with a cage-like structure that has an extremely powerful negative electric charge. This negative charge is attracted to the positively charged toxins and binds them inside a soccer ball like cage. In doing so this way – this neutralizes the pathogenic positive charge and the ability for toxins to interact on with anything on the way out of the body.

Simply put – this means Advanced TRS is a true chelator that neutralizes toxins so they can be safely excreted and not cause harm on the way out!

Will Advanced TRS absorb beneficial nutrients?

The essential minerals are in a neutral salt form in our bodies. The zeolite is not attracted to the lesser ionic charges that these nutrients possess. The toxins however are not used in the body and thus are not converted to salts but rather sequestered in the body, waiting for TRS to remove them.

As soon as a body identifies a mineral as beneficial, the body brings in other elements to change that raw mineral to another compound (usually a salt) which effectively has a neutral ionic charge. Consequently, the mineral is unavailable for exchange with TRS. For example, the body has ferritin, not pure iron. Also, the body does not have magnesium (which is very reactive and volatile) but rather magnesium citrate, calcite and so on.

Additionally, the body stores forms of minerals in ways that make it difficult for TRS to remove them. The body only converts elements back to ionic form when the cell is ready to use the mineral. That is done within the individual cell and is a very quick process. Again, it is not conducive for removal via TRS. If the mineral is in excess or is for any reason not converted to a salt for use by the body, then the TRS may remove that excess.

Who would want to use it?

Anyone with an MTHFR mutation, Lyme, Auto-Immune conditions, Vaccine damage, a locked Vagal stress response, children with speech delays and sensory processing disorders, people with mood disorders, candida overgrowth, parasites, high stress, adrenal and thyroid fatigue, and anyone looking to support their health in general.

What can I expect as far as benefits?

The benefits from using Advance TRS can range from improved adrenal function, lower stress, higher clarity of thinking, decreased joint and body pain, enhanced dreaming, improved memory, increased attention span, personality normalization, decreased metal toxicity, parasite purges, candida overgrowth support, improved motor function, eyesight support, emotional regulation support, speech support, improved sleep, improved energy, and more.

Are there any side effects?

TRS can cause a parasite purge, as parasites consume heavy metals to hide from the immune system. As the metals leave – the parasites are easier for the immune system to attack. This can lead to a sluggish lymph system which can be supported in numerous ways from juicing to essential oils.

TRS can cause a change in sleep patterns as the pineal gland and melatonin cycles reset. Also, your body energy systems as they reset or start getting supported can cause sleep patterns to change for a little bit.

Some people experience mild headaches, sore throats, and runny noses. Pathogenic microbes use heavy metals to lay down biofilms to guard themselves from the immune system, and as the metals leave the biofilms can begin to break loose or toxicity that was held behind the metals can start to break free and start moving. This is usually temporary and once again, you may support your body in numerous ways to help support the immune system and a body cleanse.

An emotional detox is highly common, as heavy metals trap in negative emotions not only genetically, but by locking on brain patterns. These habits or “emotional patterns” can start to break lose as physical toxicity leaves, creating a pathway for emotional toxicity to leave. This can be experienced as general anxiety, mood swings, emotional sensitivity, or old traumas to surface to be processed by the conscious mind.

Are there any contradictions?

Those on medications that are heavy metal or lithium based, chemotherapy drugs, or those with complete kidney failure or on dialysis should not use TRS.

What's the deal with parasites and heavy metals?

One of the greatest videos on this subject may be found here:

Essentially parasites consume heavy metals and coat themselves in them to hide from the immune system. If the immune system goes to kill the parasites, this causes a heavy metal dump which can cause a candida flare up, which in turn creates a better living environment for the parasites to flourish.
TRS helps to safely remove these metals – so the immune system has a better chance to remove the parasites safely. Many customers report passing parasites after starting TRS – which in our opinion is awesome.

Lyme and heavy metals too?

Lyme disease creates a condition known as “Kryptopyrolurria” – in which the pathogen secretes and enzyme causes you to pee out all of your essential minerals like zinc – which in turn will make you hold on to extra mercury and cadmium (as they are in the same vertical column in the periodic table of elements). This helps the Lyme to continue to proliferate and lay down biofilms filled with heavy metals to disable the immune system, on top of the essential mineral deficiency that Kryptopyrolurria creates. TRS also has mild anti-pathogenic-microbial properties that can further support the immune system as well. A wonderful video on Lyme and kryoptopyrolurria can be found here:

EMF's and heavy metal toxicity?

Heavy metals pick up on the frequencies of EMF’s and can react to them. This in essence if you are heavy metal toxic, makes you a walking antenna for EMF’s drastically raising your sensitivity to them. EMF’s when interacting in this manner with heavy metals, can also cause an extreme disruption to healthy microbiota. TRS helps to support the removal of metals to help lower your sensitivity to EMF’s.

Auto-immune disorders and heavy metals?

Heavy metals invoke a large immune response, and can trick your body into attacking itself. Heavy metals can also (and often tend to) get stuck in your Vagal complex – which will cause your stress response to lock on.
When your stress response is locked on, your body’s immune system is shifted to physical stress response, which lowers your ability to fight infection (TH1/TH2 immunity shift).

Vaccines are also notorious for inducing a stress response and auto-immune responses, which the information can be found in these videos here:

Heavy metals on their way to be excreted via the digestive tract can also burden the lymph system of the digestive tract – which can lead to pathogenic overgrowth of microbes, food sensitivities, excess pathogenic biofilms laden with heavy metals, cause a negative shift in pleomorphic microbes, which in turn can cause mental disruption as 70% of your neurotransmitters are made in your digestive tract.

Several published studies have demonstrated that TRS (Clinoptilolite) binds to a range of myco-toxins (toxins from fungi). Acting as an antimycotica, TRS is also used in preparations for humans to help with fungal infections.
TRS does not accumulate in the body and does not attach itself to body tissues. It remains suspended while drawing out heavy metals that are attached to body tissues. This process allows the body to dispose of the metals through its normal detoxification processes. It reduces any die-off symptoms caused by the mycotoxins that candida can produce. It raises intestinal ph restoring the correct balance of acidity in the small and large intestine. The rising ph levels kills bad bacteria while promoting the growth of good bacteria thus helping to restore your bacterial imbalance to normal.

If you suffer from chronic health problems or chronic candida/parasite infections then heavy metal toxicity is a likely reason as to why you are not getting better and regaining your health.

How is TRS different than chelation therapy?

  • Some of the common side effects of chelating agents include:

  • Burning sensation when injected into a vein

  • Fever and chills

  • Headache

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Convulsions or seizures

  • Fall in blood pressure

  • Breathlessness or tightness in the chest

  • Respiratory failure

  • Low blood calcium

  • Irregular heartbeats or cardiac arrhythmias

  • Severe allergic reactions may occur with the use of some chelators and lead to skin rash, eczema, exacerbation of asthma or asthma attacks.

  • Severe hypersensitivity reactions may lead to anaphylactic shock and even death.

  • Depression of the bone marrow leading to low counts of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. This can lead to anemia, infections and an increased bleeding tendency.

  • Kidney damage and failure leading to end stage renal disease requiring dialysis.

  • Liver damage may be seen with some chelating agents and some patients may develop liver failure.

  • Damage to the brain leading to a decline in cognitive function

  • Vitamins and vital nutrients may leave the body along with the heavy metal. This can be a particular problem among children who require adequate levels of nutrients for normal growth and development. In addition, vitamin supplements may not always replenish the loss of vital nutrients caused by long term chelation therapy.

Advanced TRS is NOT chelation therapy – it’s better. While it is a true chelating agent, it does not work in the same way as IV or Oral Chelation Therapy.
Advanced TRS is selective in what it picks up, and does not burden the body systems in the excretion process.
This makes TRS a much easier, more cost effective, and safer way to help remove heavy metals.
Also, TRS does not require you to sit still for long periods of time with an IV in. This is incredibly useful for those with children who have behavioral or sensory disorders – as Advanced TRS tastes like nothing but water and is a simple spray in the mouth.