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Introducing the iTeraCare THZ Lightwave Cell Therapy Device

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iTeraCare Classic Healing Device1) First, there was Acupuncture
2) Then, there was Acupressure
3) Then, there was Electro Puncture
4) Then, there was Magnet Puncture
5) Then, there was Moxibustion Puncture
6) Then, there was Heat Puncture
7) Then, there was Cupping Puncture
8) Then, there was Injection Therapy Puncture
9) Then, there was Laser Acupuncture
10) Then, there was Far Infared Patch Acupuncture
11) Now, there is iTeraCare Terahertz Acupuncture
The 325.00 USD iTeraCare Terahertz device can easily, safelyeffectively, and painlessly unblock and energize all of your Chakras, Acupuncture points, and Meridians, even through your clothing and shoes.

iTeraCare Terahertz Acupuncture
Holistic Health & Wellbeing Support Benefits 

iTeraCare TeraHertz Healing Frequency for human body- Anti-aging (cleanses and tightens skin)- Circulation
- Digestion
- Energy
- Eyesight
- Hair
- Hearing
- Heart health
- Immune system
- Joints
- Libido
- Lifts mood
- Memory
- Mental Facility
- Muscle fatigue and soreness recovery
-  Physical discomforts
- Sleep
- Stress
- Weight management

Shine Terahertz Waves

"Light of Life"
"Wave of Life"
"God's Waveband"
Through Your Body. It Feels and is Fantastic!
- In 2004, the US Government rated Terahertz Technology as one of the "Ten Technologies" that will change the world of the future.
- In 2005, Japan listed Terahertz Technology as the first of the "Ten Key Strategic Objectives of the National Pillars," and the nation is aggressively engaged in research and development.
- In 2005, China listed Terahertz Technology as one of the "Ten Key Strategic Goals of Nation."
- In 2014, China held the "Xiangshan Science and Technology Conference" to formulate a plan for accelerating research of the application of Terahertz Technology in biomedicine.
Terahertz waves (T-rays) are being widely used in various field around the world, such as aerospace, communications, security, and medical and dental applications, due to their unique physical scanning and safety properties.
The unique iTeraCare Terahertz Device resonates the same frequency as normal human body cells, which is 2 to 17 THz. When terahertz waves penetrate the body tissues they pass through healthy cells at a constant temperature, however, they cause unhealthy cells to vibrate faster which raises their cellular temperature unusually higher, thus destroying unhealthy cells in the process. iTeraCare terahertz passage generates millions of vibrations per second that can energise healthy cells down to the bone marrow.
iTeraCare Terahertz Device waves are non-ionising and non-invasive. Any object with a temperature above 10C emits terahertz waves and terahertz radiation is merely 1/40 of sunlight and 1/1000 of a mobile phone. Due to its low energy characteristics, terahertz radiation has been scientifically proven to be harmless to humans and animals. It can penetrate many materials (i.e. cardboard, ceramics, fabrics/clothing, masonry, paper, plastic, and wood). Including your skin, between 20 to 30 cm (approx. 8-12 inches).

The iTeraCare is very easy to operate. No professional skills or knowledge are required. You can even blow the iTeraCare's terahertz waves through your clothes and/or shoes. Animals love how the iTeraCare feels too! You can search "Animal Acupuncture Points" for iTeraCare application ideas.


What is the difference between the two devices?

The iTeraCare Pro is built for constant use so that it does not overheat when working with clients the whole day.
The difference between the Pro and the Classic is performance and features. The Pro is 1200 watts, the Classic 800.
The iTeraCare Classic will turn itself off after 1 hour and you can not switch it on until it was cooled down, approx. 45 minutes.
The iTeraCare Pro will run without any break or without turning off making it perfect for practitioners or someone with a family that will be using it all the time.

Australia Prices- 

iTeraClassic - For home use 325 USD
iTeraCarePro - For professional use 3250 USD
Professional model can be used for longer periods of time without needing to take breaks (due to not over heating) - great for continuous use i.e treating clients

International prices will be displayed when you visit the link.

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*Device is purchased directly from the Manufacturer and is sent from the supplier. Due to high demand, it will take approximately 4-8 weeks to receive your device.

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